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Tips for Keeping Healthy Nails


 Ain’t nothing like a really gorgeous flashy and shining nails. This is often the case at the early hours and days after they are fixed, but as the days wear on, the nails wear along. So, how can one maintain healthy nails? Ever looking bright and flashy like the cosmopolitan diva that just left the couture beauty parlor? Here are a few tips that renowned dermatologists have proven to be very effective in keeping healthy nails:

1.            Endeavour your nails are always clean and dry.

This is not to say you no longer use your hand or nails for anything wet, but as soon as you are done with the activity, ensure that you towel dry your hands and nails properly.

2.        While dressing your nails, cut them straight across.

The manner with which you cut your nails can influence the way they grow. Endeavor to cut your nails all straight across a regular tip, this will ensure uniformity when they grow and look fanciful like they have just been dressed.

3.        Do not eat or bite your nails

When you eat or bite your nails, you remove the cuticles. These cuticles can sometimes create really hurtful effect when you are unlucky. Meanwhile, avoid putting your nails in your mouth when bored or idle. In this way you escape the risk of biting or eating them. When you don’t, you are sure the dazzling effect of your nails would always stand out.  

4.        Do not use your nail as a tool

Often times people try their nails on certain engagements, like using them to unscrew a nut or drive in a pin to a relatively hard surface. Don’t do this, it will eventually mar your nails and cause you to despise your nails. Avoid using your nails to open pop cans and other related cans.  

5.        Trim your Toe nails often

The beauty of your feet is the neatness of your toe nails. Endeavor to shape them and cut them regularly.

6. Don’t use excess nail hardeners

Avoid using excessive nail hardeners when you dress your nails. Whether finger nails or toe nails. They have a way of deadening your cuticles in the process.

7.        Avoid Products containing Acetone

Common nail polish removing liquids contain acetones. Endeavor to look out for those without this compound. Acetone deadens your cuticle.