Rework and Repair your Dry Frizzy Hair


It is not unusual to have your expensive quality human hair get chemically frizzy and dry! Indeed, you’d agree that if you realize this about the same time you happen to need them on, it could make for a really depressing outcome. Here area few tips on how to quickly rework and repair your dry and frizzy har for an excellent use:

1.          Endeavour to use keratin protein containing Shampoo and Conditioner

Keratin Protein is naturally present to enhance and protect the structure and conditions of your nails, hair and skin, thus using keratin protein containing products supplements the needed amount to enhance your dry and frizzy hair condition. Since Keratin Protein containing products allows for minute amount of sulphate, there’s enough nourishment for your frizzy hair. Simply detangle and brush softly.

Some Keratin Protein Products You can use for this purpose includes:


Ever Straightening Brazilian Keratin Therapy    

Madame C.J. Walker Pre-wash protein

John Frieda

Tresseme Keratin 7-Day Smooth System

2.        While applying your keratin protein containing hair shampoo and conditioner, allow ample time of about 10mins. This will provide the hair enough contact with the keratin protein and weaken the chemical frizzy dryness to ease combing and brushing.

3.        While Rinsing the shampoo and conditioner, endeavor to add little vinegar to a lukewarm water for complete cleansing. The vinegar dissolves every coagulated chemical responsible for dryness, leaving your hair fresh and soft again.

4.        Steam hair in an air tight plastic bag for about 24hrs, while ensuring all recipe for the treatment of the hair. This allows the hair cuticle to have good contact and close reaction with the keratin protein for optimal repair.

Take  proper care of your hair and your hair would look properly on you!