Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


At Bella Hairz your privacy is our foremost preference. To this end we created, promote and enforce a Privacy Policy that guarantees your information confidential. Data exchanged with us while you use our website for your shopping needs are used sole for the purpose for which they are provided. To serve you better, we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy and raise your inquiries or clarifications, if any area of this policy is not clear to you.

You invariably accept the conditions of this Privacy Policy when you visit Bella Hairz Website and shop for items.

We elicit and consequently store data of personal information received from our website users to enable us facilitate excellent service delivery to improve customer experience. This data helps us understand your choice patterns and preferences for personalization. Certain times, this data collected could also be used for Market Research and general Enterprise Analytics as the case may be.

This data collected are often void of any disadvantages to the end users, rather, personal information helps us process your orders in timely manners and also ensure that the browsing experience while using Bella Hairz Website is satisfactory.

Data collected related to processing your payments for orders are often restricted to the primary purpose and purchases transacted with Bella Hairz, while ensuring absolute confidentiality in the use and processing of your payment with approved integrated payment platforms.

We could also employ your personal data to send you deserving promotional offers when we float our customer loyalty programs. When we do this, you must understand your liberty to opt out of this promotional offer at will without any form of implication.

Personal data collected while you use Bella Hairz could sometimes be used to create content for Newsletters customized for you, without sharing with any unintended recipient. We understand certain customers may consider Newsletters of these sorts unsolicited; to this end, we always create a functional link attached to every mail and newsletter received to allow you unsubscribe if you so wish.

When you initiate a transaction at Bella Hairz website by requesting an order purchase, you automatically agree to receive certain information related to this transaction from its start to confirmation of all associated payments, as necessary to the purchase made. Products information could be included, however, this is limited to the product purchase made.

We also like you to understand that the content of the Bella Hairz website is quite vast and expansive and as such we like to activate cookies transferred to your browsing gadgets; either mobiles or personal computers, to enable us facilitate your surfing experience in a highly customized manner. In this way you receive products information content according to your previous actions initiated at the last visit.

Using the Bella Hairz website without accepting cookies still avails you great experience, however, accepting cookies makes for a unique and excellent experience.

Balla Hairz may, from time to time apply these data collected in utilizing web tools from other service providers like Google Analytics. Assured of the data protection capacity of these service providers, we assure end users that no harm is invited as their use of Bella Hairz Website constitute consent to share their data.