Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

It is at all times a pleasure to have you use Bella Hairz website. For the purpose of consistency, our website, this site, site shall refer to Bella Hairz Website. The underlying terms and conditions of service may be referred to as T&C, “Terms of Service” or “Conditions” or “Conditions of Service” as the case may be. While the Bella Hairz website may be referred to as “we” “us” or “our” through out this document.

Bella Hairz website; bellahairz.com, bellahairzng.com or bellahairz.ng and associated subdomains and blogs are all properties of Bella Hairz - Beauty Supply LTD. A registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria under the Company and Allied Matters Act.

It is out of our legal independence to operate and carry out enterprising legal actions that we declare that we reserve the authority and legal right to change, amend, remove and/or revert any of the portions of this Terms and Conditions of service from time to time. And this can be done without any form of prior notice to the end users. And any form of modification to these Terms and Conditions would be effective as soon as they are published on any of Bella Hairz websites. To this end, instantaneous use or continuous use of Bella Hairz websites constitutes acceptance to these Terms and Conditions.

If there be any form or forms of reservations relating to your review of Bella Hairz Website, kindly endeavor to contact us at your convenience for clarifications.

End users of the Bella Hairz Website are presumed to be 18years or above; so that using Bella Hairz website, end user agree that they meet the requirements to view whatsoever content therein.

All registered users at Bella Hairz website agrees to furnish accurate personal information related to offering the best of service as required by their order demands. Moreso, end user reserves all responsibilities for all activities carried out with the registered username or password on the Bella Hairz Website.

Whatsoever the end users submit to Bella Hairz website by clicking a clearly labeled button, shall convert the information provided to the sole property of Bella Hairz, this may include questions, remarks, rating, inquiry, purchase request orders, registration information, etc.

We undertake constant due diligence to research and review the information we provide on every Bella Hairz Website; however, we resign from every authority to instruct or recommend to end user by any information posted or intend that this information can be guaranteed by us or covered by our warranty provisions.

We disincline from representing manufacturers in terms of merchantability or formidability of their enterprise.

While we may post certain products and links from affiliate manufacturers in line with their product offerings, Bella Hairz reserves no claims to any of these extended affiliates and our publishing their products on our website does not constitute quality endorsement.

End users of Bella Hiarz websites invariably agrees to indemnify us and our affiliates including every representative of our firm from any form of liability concerning a breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Bella Hairz reserves the right to terminate this Terms and conditions at any time without prior notice and still retains its legal and equitable remedies.

If end user becomes unsatisfied with the operations and service quality of our website, they would have no legal claim or right to same, except to discontinue the use of the website.